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In case you missed it (ICYMI), below, we’ve compiled the biggest stories from around the web in July, featuring issues important to First Data clients and partners, including First Data’s recent foray into the sporting world, coverage of STAR Network and its ability to partner with credit unions, Gyft-ing around the world, and more:

A week ago . . . First Data issued a news release announcing its big debut into the sports and entertainment industry, collaborating with Bypass. Bypass is an innovator in cloud-based software and back office management tools specifically for sports arenas and concert venues, and the partnership allows us to deliver a holistic POS system for the complex industry of concerts and sporting events. 

The news received coverage from a diverse set of outlets, with prominent features in PYMNTS and PaymentsSource. The PYMNTS article, entitled "First Data's 'Game Changing' mPOS Play," explained how Clover goes beyond serving small and medium-sized businesses and also offers solutions to enterprises that "are anything but small," including concert venues. 

Building on how the partnership will be deployed, the article included: 

"As large, complex multi-site operations, large venues are an ecosystem onto themselves that have a variety of consumer touch points. Clover POS technology and business management suite is now fully operational in conjunction with Bypasses cloud-based software and back office management tools."

Leading the foray into the sports and entertainment industry was a team from First Data focused squarely on seeing Clovers eventually become commonplace at the food and beverage counters of leading athletic and concert venues around the country. Frank BisignanoGuy Chiarello, Chris Foskett, and Joe Profeta, and their teams, were all engaged in the effort on the front lines.

Dan Charron, head of global business solutions, was interviewed for the piece. With regard to the value of the collaboration, Dan said, "We worked together to create solutions for these institutions. It is a new vision that provides everything front-to-back. We couldn’t have done that by ourselves, they [Bypass] couldn’t have done it by themselves, but together we have built a best-in-class solution." 

Two weeks ago  . . . CU Journal, a publication dedicated to credit unions, covered the news that the Nebraska Credit Union League in Omaha partnered with First Data's STAR Network. The article noted that STAR was founded in 1992 and recently announced that it is introducing a PINless debit option for transactions under $50. The reporter also wrote:

"The Star Network offers credit unions access to the largest independent debit network, product innovation to support evolving network needs including advanced security functionality to minimize fraud, participation in all primary aspects of the payment ecosystem, and support for regulatory and compliance needs."

Also . . . Gyft was mentioned in a Forbes article that covered one man's 18 month journey around the world using only Bitcoin as his payment method. During the interview, the man - programmer Felix Weis - was asked which payment method was the easiest for him to use on his journey:

"The easiest was when I was in the U.S. In San Francisco, there were so many hostels and restaurants accepting Bitcoin. It was almost too easy. And then with Gyft, you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin and use the gift cards."

Three weeks ago . . . Financial IT covered the previous week’s news release announcing first Data’s strategic partnership with Silicon Valley bank. The article largely pulled from the news release, including a quote from Chris Foskett. Chris said:

"Silicon Valley Bank is an outstanding ally with deep roots and expertise in the technology industry, a sector in which First Data has made significant inroads in recent years. Through this collaboration, First Data will ensure that SVB’s clients can safely and securely accept payments wherever their customers conduct business. In turn, SVB will connect First Data with some of the most innovative emerging and established technology companies in the world."