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Financial literacy and the American worker.

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This study takes a look at what American workers believe and how they behave when it comes to money management.

18+ Years Old
are Employed in the US
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Food Services Retail Health Services Manufacturing Hospitality Staffing Legal / Consulting / Tech Financial Services & Insurance Non Profit / Education Government Other 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Respondent Industries
Respondent Geography West / Pacific West / Mountain South Central Midwest South Atlantic Mid-Atlantic New England Other 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
Respondent Age 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% <18 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 66-75
Employment Type Hourly Other Salaried Seasonal 85% 8% 6% 2%
Years as Employee Less than a year 1-2 years 3-5 years 6-10 years 11+ years 7% 5% 44% 28% 16%
Participant By Gender 65% Female 35% Male
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More Than a Paycheck

Getting paid isn’t the only thing employees look to employers for. They're looking for advice on what to do with their money.

Not every employee feels financially literate.


I find it difficult to make money decisions


I'm very confident about how I manage my money


I'm not afraid to take risks with money

Financial literacy — what is it?

It’s the ability to know how to manage one’s financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial security. It includes knowing how to make informed decisions around things like

  • IconInvesting
  • IconCollege Tuition
  • IconInsurance
  • IconRetirement
  • IconTaxes
  • IconBudgeting
  • IconReal Estate

And the lack of financial education is keeping employees up at night


Of workers are kept up at night by concerns about having money to pay their bills


Don't save because they are focused on paying off debt


Want to manage their money better, but can't afford to do so after factoring in bills and debt

In order for employers to help, they need to understand the unique points of view and financial education needs of their employees.

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How to Help

Five key ways employers can help

Piggy bank

Show Concern

70% of employers feel compelled to help employees better manage their personal finances. Help new hires fully understand payroll processes, schedules and potential investment options, and continue to check in with them throughout their tenure.

Financial Literacy and the American Worker eBook

Share the Knowledge

Offer resources that empower employees to make smarter money decisions. Try periodic in-office trainings or seminars, print and digital materials across a range of financial topics, and solicit questions and feedback from colleagues to gauge and cater to topics of interest.


Navigate the Pitfalls

Help workers learn how to distinguish legitimate communications from potentially fraudulent ones. Offer reminders of basics such as how to protect account information.

Employees who consider themselves financially illiterate are more likely to fall into traps and become susceptible to identity theft or financial fraud.


Simplify and Streamline

Grow employee financial confidence by providing a single, turnkey platform that offers complete visibility into their accounts and investments. Move to consolidate money management tools and prevent the lost time, questions, and headaches that come with the use of multiple systems or applications.

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Expand Payroll Options

Use payroll cards to enable employees to feel more secure and confident with their spending. And hit a win/win/win by offering a repeatable and fast process for finance and HR teams.

While some employers still prefer the traditional paper check, 82% of employees consider digital, flexible alternatives to be a major benefit.

When it comes to employees


Equate money with security


Are confident in how they manage their money

Let’s work together to get 100% of your employees feeling confident & secure.

We also have financial literacy programs for your employees.


Help Your Business

  • Get 100% electronic pay across your organization
  • Guarantee new employees first pay with instant-issue cards
  • Reduce payroll administration and distribution costs
  • Ensure prompt disbursement and access to wages for participating employees
  • Improve payroll security and control
  • Deliver uninterrupted pay in the face of a disaster

Help Your Employees

  • Manage finances anytime, anywhere with the Money Network Mobile App
  • Gain easy access to wages on payday
  • Pay for virtually anything without the need for carrying cash
  • Set aside funds with the Money Network Mobile App Piggy Bank feature
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Data cited in this publication is the result of the 2017 Consumer Insights Study conducted by First Data.