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Local Rotary Helps California Teens Prep for the Real World


Serendipity is a student-run restaurant and bakery located at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, California. While the homemade, from-scratch breads, sausages, smoked salmon, and sauces are always whipped up fresh for restaurant patrons, up until recently, the point-of-sale technology Serendipity used to train students had gotten stale.

“We actually had a point-of-sale machine in operation 15 years ago, so it’s very outdated,” said Kevin Fuller, instructor at Serendipity. “It was really interfering with getting the students in real time with market training [and] technology.”

That’s where the Concord Rotary Club stepped in.

By donating three Clover stations and three printers to Serendipity, the students of the International Hospitality and Travel Academy at Mt. Diablo are able to train on the latest technology available.

“We are able to bring students back into the current times . . . so they are trained to properly run a restaurant and function as they will after they leave school and go out in to the real world.”



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