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Michigan Entrepreneur Doesn’t Let Anything—Including Blindness—Hold Her Back


Roxanna Mann lost her sight in 2008 after a life-long struggle with a degenerative eye-condition, but this Michigan matriarch wouldn’t let that stop her from following her heart into entrepreneurship.

After losing her niece to brain cancer in 2011, Roxanna and her family were able to keep the memory alive—and spend as much time as she can with her nephews as possible—by opening Kristina Rae’s: An All-American Grill, a cafeteria and catering business in Dimondale, Michigan.

You might think Roxanna would need a lot of help to run her business—but you’d be wrong.

With Clover™ Station and its integrated talkback feature and mobile-friendly remote login capabilities, Roxanna is able to handle back-of-house duties like accounting and ordering, as well as work the register–all while being the life of the party around Kristina Rae’s.



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