100 Days to the Liability Shift - Make Sure Your Business is Protected

EMV chip cards are a key component to enhancing the security of payment transactions and accepting EMV chip card payments is an important part of protecting your business. But how does it impact your customer’s experience?

For the EMV chip card to be used properly your customers need to insert your card with chip toward terminal, facing up. The card remains in the terminal throughout the transaction and is removed after the sale is complete. This payment process is different than the swipe process your customers are accustomed to.

For your customers the process will be new so when questions do come up, it is important to let them know how EMV chip cards are more secure and help protect their data from fraud.

One important item to remember:  remind your customers to remove their card at the end of the sale. Customers will be unfamiliar with leaving their cards in the terminal and may forget to remove it when the transaction is complete.

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