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First Data powers innovation in the fast-growing ride-sharing industry.

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As the ride-sharing industry continues to accelerate its growth, First Data assisted with two challenges:

How is it that our client is so popular with its drivers? By paying them efficiently and quickly, and allowing them to receive their funds in any form they want.

How can our client scale and grow in other markets?


Building a Secure, Innovative Payments Network

Our client realized that in order to scale to new markets, it needed to:

Enable different payment types

(personalized to driver desires)

Enable payment acceleration

(so drivers can elect to receive multiple payments per day)

Enable different payment experiences

(in accordance with cultural expectations)

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Attracting and retaining drivers while increasing their satisfaction.

Our client needed a simple and fast way to disburse payments to drivers seamlessly.

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First Data Debit Solutions built a system that exceeded company expectations.

First Data Gateway Solutions

A nimble tool to easily allow receivables from the Card Association and debit networks into First Data platforms. The ease of integration to First Data Gateway API was a key driver to our client’s success.

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Robust Results


Our solution will help our client increase its driver satisfaction, allowing it to compete with its biggest competitor.


First Data Gateway, the implemented solution, enables total integration with our client’s own technology stack.


Our client is welcoming a whole new payment experience for customers and drivers.