Selling Gift Cards has Never Been Easier with Gyft® Business



What if there was a gift card program that was as simple as it was powerful?

Now imagine if that same gift card program simplified all the things that you and your customers love about gift cards, yet was as robust as the mobile gift card programs ran by national chains AND was available to you and your small business at a fraction of the cost.

Well, that program exists, and it’s called Gyft® Business.

You see, customers want options when it comes to how they purchase gift cards from your business. And when you’re able to provide those options, it’ll assist in growing your business and your customer base.

Easily synced with First Data Solutions featuring Clover Station, Gyft® Business allows you to get a robust gift card program up and running in no time, enabling you to start selling gift cards instantly while accepting gift cards from any mobile device.

And setting up Gyft® Business is incredibly simple. Just download it from the Clover App Market through your Clover Station and be issuing gift cards in moments—whether digitally via the Gyft® app, or with physical gift cards.

It’s all about providing options for your customers, because happy customers make for a healthy business.

With Gyft® Business, you can provide customers with the option of plastic or mobile, digital gift cards while tracking balances, issuing credits, and creating promotions—everything you’d need to simply and securely manage your entire gift card program.

Keep better track of your gift card inventory and sales while providing the flexibility in format that today’s customers demand with Gyft® Business.

To discover all the advantages of mobile gift cards, connect with a First Data business consultant today or visit the Gyft® Business page to initiate a Live Chat instantly and find out how Gyft® can help change the way you do business.