7 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Successful Loyalty Program

It probably started with a phone call: perhaps you unboxed your Clover station, and got a call from one of our friendly reps asking if you’d tried the free loyalty program, Perka, that came with your new touch-screen point of sale system.

And while they made a compelling case when they were on the phone, perhaps you’ve gotten too busy to put all of the effort you could have behind making the Perka program truly successful in your place of business.

Certainly, we understand the day-to-day challenges that each small- and medium-sized business owner face each day; how there are a million fires to put out, and there’s never enough time to attend to them all. We get that.

That’s why we’ve developed the following series of questions you should ask yourself within the first few weeks of launching your Perka loyalty program.

If you ask yourself the following questions, and follow through on the answers, you’ll have a successful loyalty program that has your most valuable customers coming back, and spending, more than ever before.

1.    Have you completed the set up process?

First and foremost, you have to ensure that you’ve set up your Perka program properly. Getting Perka downloaded from the Clover app store and then registering, or getting it registered online (if you have the standalone version) is the first important step in getting your loyalty program up and running.

If you were unable to complete setup and need a hand, feel free to contact a Perka rep and they’ll walk you through the process in just a few minutes.

2.    Have you tried Perka yourself on your phone?

If you’ve never downloaded the app yourself, or have never checked in, how are you going to be able to describe the delight of the Perka experience to your customers once you start sharing the program with them?

Be sure to download Perka (Android/iOS) and check in at a nearby business to ensure you know how easy it is for your customers to enroll, and so you can get a feel for what it’s like from the customer standpoint.

Also, try checking in to your own business to ensure your program is up and running smoothly.

3.    Have you seen your Merchant Dashboard on the web?

Key to knowing the success of any marketing tactic is measurability. Fortunately for Perka, success metrics are conveniently collected for you online, in your Merchant Dashboard.

Log in and poke around, see what’s there, what you can customize, and what metrics you can work to grow. This way, once you really start pushing your program, you’ll know where to check to see how you’re doing.

4.    Have you trained your staff?

We can’t stress enough the importance of training your staff to promote your Perka loyalty program. You can’t be at the counter, in-store, every second of every day—that’s why you’ll need to train your staff on how to promote Perka to your customers.

Have each of them download the app, and give them homework to check in somewhere (your store works—a nearby business, even better).

Showing them how to download and use the app, and then training them to work the pitch into each and every transaction, is imperative to the success of your loyalty program, so make sure they know how to communicate the value of the program to customers.

Incentives work well with motivating employees, so try a contest to see who can enroll the most customers—it’s a great way to kick off your loyalty program while getting your employees engaged with the process.

5.   Are you inviting customers to enroll through every marketing channel you have?

Your customers will never know about your loyalty program if they’ve never heard of it. Make sure your employees are trained, make sure you’re evangelizing the program yourself during each and every conversation with customers, share the message via email and your social media accounts, and make sure you’ve got prominently placed promotional signage in your store.

Make sure signage communicates the value proposition—let customers know why they want to download this app—and you’ll go far in moving the needle on signups. Perka provides some attractive, downloadable signage online, as well as convenient social media sharing functionality; check your Merchant Dashboard for details.

6.    Have you enrolled 50 customers in your Perka program?

Your customers won’t reap the benefits of Perka if they’re not using it. Through employee contests (see 4.), email, social media, signage, or sheer personal evangelization (5.), you’ve got to get customers on the app if you want your loyalty program to be successful.

We’ve observed that for most small- to medium-sized businesses, 50 enrollments is tipping point for Perka program success; get 50 enrollments and you’ll start seeing a difference in customer behavior.

To do so, incentivizing employees in-house is great, but engraining the process of talking about Perka into the culture of your store will go much further in getting customers to enroll. Make Perka a topic that gets mentioned in every conversation with customers in-store and then set weekly sign-up goals for your team, and you’ll have a thriving loyalty program in no time.

7.    Have you talked with Perka’s support team?

Lastly, if you’ve done all of the above and you’re still having trouble, feel free to give the Perka Help Center a call. Our loyalty specialists know a number of great tips and tricks to make the Perka program work for just about any kind of business out there.

If you’ve run through this list and still need a hand, feel free to reach out at (888) 957-3752 anytime and our reps can share the keys to loyalty program success with you personally over the phone, free of charge.

Simply put, the number one goal of any loyalty program is active participation. No loyalty program can be successful without customers utilizing it, so it’s imperative that you work to get yours involved and using the app early and often, so you can start rewarding them for their loyalty.

In turn, they’ll reward you by coming back to your shop more times, and by making more purchases, than ever before.

Nina Showell is a Senior Support Specialist and QA Lead at Perka, leading Perka’s support team in providing world-class service to business owners large and small, and works as a beta tester for current and in-development features in the Perka app. You can find her online at LinkedIn.