WATCH WEBINAR: Strategies for Detecting and Mitigating Fraud in Retail: Profiling Criminal Sophistication

As new technology makes it faster and easier to shop, sell, and spend, the fraud landscape continues to expand. Organized crime and opportunistic fraudsters are implementing behavioral, technological and process sophistication as they discover, defraud and monetize vulnerabilities in digital and brick and mortar channels. Companies across the board are looking for new lines of defense as they work to protect their data, assets and reputations. Emerging technologies offer a new means of warding off threats and preventing chargebacks.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The employment of current fraud techniques by successful fraudsters
  • Strategies for mitigating, detecting fraudulent schemes
  • Using advanced technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to help prevent schemes from impacting your bottom line
  • How to reduce overall risk while protecting customers, data and assets