The Future of Fraud: 5 Trends and Their Impact on Financial Institutions – a New STAR® Network eBook

Defined as “deceptive practices that result in financial or other losses in the course of seemingly legitimate business transactions,” many people think that fraud only affects unwitting people who are all too willing to be duped. In reality, even the savviest financial institutions can fall victim to fraud.

Cyber attacks and breaches on financial institutions are becoming more prevalent. For 2015 through 2020, card fraud worldwide is expected to total $183.29 billion.1  The effects of fraud hurt everyone – consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

In our eBook, we discuss the fraud landscape, impact of fraud on financial institutions, and five trends in fraud that financial institutions may face.  Want to learn more? Download “The Future of Fraud: Financial Institutions, Merchants, Consumers – It’s Everybody’s Challenge”, the latest FREE eBook from the STAR® Network.

We’re dedicated to delivering solutions that provide the strongest defense against fraud, and partnering with financial institutions to help them build best practice, end-to-end fraud management programs.