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Online sales will reach $4 trillion by 20201, double what they are today, but financial crime is evolving at an even faster pace. With online fraud losses reaching almost $60 billion in 20172, taking all the necessary steps to protect your business can is critical. Online retailers need proven solutions from First Data that have successfully reduced fraud by up to 80% and blocked 20,000 fraudulent transactions within a month:

You're not alone in the fight against fraud.

While your fraud team is focused on fighting new threats, innovation teams on the other side of the organization are working to create new revenue streams and change customer expectations. In this new eBook from First Data and Feedzai, we move the conversation forward to discuss the most pressing fraud trends and review success stories.

Local Payments Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

With 46 percent of all cart abandonments occurring at the payment stage3, by focusing on expanding the number of accepted payment options retailers can deliver the full seamless experience that consumers want and the payment choice they demand. This can help drive conversions, reduce cart abandonment, increase revenue and gain local market share.