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Card Manufacturing & Customer Communications

Powerful solutions, trusted products, and exceptional customer communications.

From plastic card manufacturing, to printed paper statements and inserts, to electronic communications, we help your organization build brand awareness by personalizing the customer experience, and effectively engaging with your customers at every touchpoint.

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Benefits for Financial Institutions

Make the most of each customer interaction through customized card manufacturing services and strategic customer communications. Our credit, debit, prepaid, EMV® enabled, dual interface contactless, and private-label card production services allow you to personalize payment cards with quality embossing, laser, and digital printing. Beyond your monthly statements, we help you target each customer by offer, product, or communications channel with integrated messaging that helps you attract and retain quality customers.

Plastic Card Production

EMV® Chip, Dual Interface Contactless, & Magnetic Stripe

Compete in the changing marketplace with our card processing tools from mag stripe to chip to contactless. Broaden your portfolio and increase protection for you and your customers with EMV-enabled contact-only and contactless-enabled payment cards. We’ll help you issue cards and decrease your time to market by offering standard EMV chip card technologies like COSMO FlyTM and Infineon®. Our cards are securely designed to protect against fraudulent, counterfeit, lost, or stolen cards at the point-of-sale (POS).

Full-Service Card Personalization

Target your elite portfolio customers, build brand loyalty, and promote top-of-wallet use with unique laser and Drop on Demand (DoD) personalization for both the front and the back of the card. Our card personalization capabilities, including color card carrier printing, enables the addition of standard text, as well as special security features, and protects against alteration and reproduction.

Card Associations Partnership

Benefit from our partnership with the card associations. As one of the largest card transaction processors in the world, First Data has an established history and maintains strong relationships with the major card networks. We are a card processor on all the major U.S. card networks, as well as certified for dual interface processing for Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express®.

Print Communications: Statements & Letters

Mail Services

Help ensure seamless card delivery by leveraging our end-to-end fulfillment service, providing you with diverse carriers, cost-effective mailings, tracking, and returned mail management. Quickly identify your mail in the United States Postal Service (USPS) process flow to provide marketing campaign support and mitigate fraud risks. As one of the largest customers of the USPS, you benefit from greater postal savings.

Customized Messaging

Stay in front of your customers and provide the account information they need in the format that they want. Our custom document design, targeted messaging, and decision-based offers are good opportunities for you to communicate important information — but they’re also opportunities to drive customer retention and to help grow business.

Color Printing

Incorporate color into your documents and envelopes with our IntelliColorTM solution to grow open rates, speed up response time, and increase purchase likelihood. Make it easier for your customers to find important information at a glance with full-color and variable MICR printing, as well as inline color printing capabilities. Help transform transactional customer correspondence into strategic, eye-catching communications.

Statement & Document Management Services

Manage communications across a wide range of delivery channels – paper, electronic, and mobile devices – with First Data’s state-of-the-art composition platform with advanced document formatting capabilities. Our solutions help you tailor information and better target your communications to generate cross-sales and drive customer retention.

Specialized Format Customer Communications

Meet the communications needs of your blind and partially-sighted customers with our secure statement and letter processing services in Braille and Large Print format. Our specialized document formats also cater to the visually-impaired senior citizen population.

Electronic & Digital Communication Tools

Consumer Preferences, Controls, & Alerts

Guide users and anticipate their daily financial, commerce, and payment activities – from acquisition to retention to growth. Our intelligent voice and digital communication options turn your routine account correspondence into customer engagement opportunities. Interact with your customers for consumer-selected alerts including fraud notifications, account updates, collections, and more via automated voice, SMS text, and email messaging. We also help you gain customer insights, behavior analytics, and identify purchase trends.

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