Benefits for Financial Institutions

Our EMV™ cards use chip technology for fraud protection against counterfeit, lost or stolen cards at the point-of-sale (POS). EMV™ enabled contact and contactless cards better protect you and your customers by authenticating the card.

  • Help increase security and fraud protection with EMV™ chip
  • Support existing and emerging payment technologies
  • Validate EMV™ card users through PIN or signature
  • Verify fund availability during the transaction

Key Components

  • Authentication of the EMV™ Visa payment with chip embedded into the form factor; e.g., card, smart phone, fob, etc., protects against counterfeit fraud
  • Robust cardholder verification methods in all acceptance environments to reduce risk with lost and stolen cards
  • Ability to embed chip-based applications into a mobile wallet, enabling consumers to pay via their mobile devices
  • Contactless EMV™ chip technology using the same contactless technology that enables mobile payments at the POS