Benefits for Financial Institutions

Our Magnetic Stripe and Chip services help broaden your card portfolio with a variety of payment cards including magnetic stripe, contactless, and advanced chip-based cards enabled by EMV technology. You can better compete in the changing payments marketplace with our state-of-the-art chip and contactless payment devices or magnetic card readers.

  • Help increase card activation with customized cards
  • Utilize robust digital print services
  • Offer secure chip-based card solutions
  • Leverage procurement, servicing and reporting
  • Maximize operations with returned mail services

Key Components

  • Our proprietary fraud prevention service helps reduce costs and lost revenues due to non-receipt and lost/stolen procedures
  • Full-color, digital card printing for developing more appealing card programs and designs
  • Enhanced RAPIDSM service for a secure and effective means of processing non-deliverable plastics
  • Online access into all aspects of the process to view your work in progress, easily manage inventory and modify production requests
  • Flexible and dynamic document management and delivery system facilitates the production of unique messaging through conditional printing