The First Data OfferWise solution is powering the future of the offers industry and making a better redemption experience for offer providers, merchants and consumers. The OfferWise Solution can help enable merchants and offer publishers reach the right customers and measure offer performance through reporting and analytics to better track and refine offer programs.

OfferWise is an open solution that does not lock merchants or marketers into specific offer types, offer publishers, applications or card types. Eligible merchants easily access the service through OfferWise Certified Publishers. In addition, eligible merchants have the potential to leverage the solution when publishing their own offers.

Benefits for Financial Institutions

  • Paperless, real-time offer redemption at the POS speeds checkout
  • Proven increase in offer redemption by moving from paper to electronic method
  • Campaign performance analysis and offer ROI tracking
  • Reduce effort and training of staff when running campaigns

Key Components

  • Validation and redemption is done through a First Data API that is provided to the OfferWise Certified publisher
  • Offer can be immediately redeemed and shows up on the POS receipt or the consumer receives a text message informing them the offer amount will be credited to their account within a few days
  • Results and analytics of offers campaigns are available anytime through the OfferWise reporting dashboard reporting application
  • Real-time spend data and notifications for card linked registrations