Benefits for Financial Institutions

Leverage the experience and expertise of First Data to help limit risk while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We offer highly customized, innovative Credit & Payment Risk Management solutions that enable you to stay ahead of trends to effectively assess and manage risk.

  • Identity verification solutions for quick credit extension and approval
  • Leverage Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Comply with regulations: FACTA and PATRIOT Act

Key Components

  • Improved data sources, cutting-edge analytics, and communication tools for effective credit and payment risk assessment and management
  • Highly predictive models utilize your customer data to determine payment and account integrity
  • Integrated real-time scoring of payments that takes place prior to float decisions, so your low-risk customers can make more purchases
  • Ability to add unique data sources to optimize performance and reduce losses in excess of NSF fees