Benefits for Financial Institutions

Our comprehensive suite of fraud management solutions help you navigate the entire fraud lifecycle. From fraud prevention solutions that help you combat credit and debit card fraud on the front end with secure card activation, customer authentication, and notification to fraud detection solutions that help you validate credit and debit card transactions with real-time authorization scoring to online fraud resolution services to quickly address fraud when it does strike.

  • Reduce losses with Card Value (CV) validation
  • Apply the fraud risk score to authorizations
  • Securely process returned mail with Enhanced RAPIDSM service
  • Meet fraud resolution compliance timelines
  • Streamline and automate disputes through an online dispute management system

Key Components

  • Real-time scoring option to detect and block fraudulent transactions through First Data Fraud Risk Identification Service (FRIS)
  • Enhanced RAPID service for secure and effective processing of non-deliverable credit, debit and retail card plastics
  • Cardholder transaction activity profiling to see a unified picture of their purchasing behavior with Falcon® scoring for PIN-secured debit
  • Fraud Predictor Plus – fraud detection software that enables the addition of a new data source for merchant profile risk assessment
  • GUI disputes management solution that brings speed and efficiency to the investigation and tracking process inherent in disputes management
  • First Data Fraud Management Services to help fight fraud without maintaining a large staff and the infrastructure necessary to support it
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