Back Office Services

Operational issues eating away at your profits?

Our back office services help streamline your operations, reduce costs, free up internal staff and improve service delivery.

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Benefits for Financial Institutions

First Data technology efficiencies help maximize support to your back office operations. As your partner, we’ll help drive savings across your labor-intensive processes while maintaining the reliability and integrity of your day-to-day operations.

Dispute Management

We can support your cardholder dispute process from inquiry through chargeback and resolution.  First Data can help support all of your customer communications and dispute documentation.  We’re flexible to handle unexpectedly high customer dispute volumes in a timely and efficient manner.  Our follow-up reporting and analysis enables you to adjust decisioning policies if necessary. 

Fraud Research & Investigations

Based on your instructions, we research and investigate fraud claims and perform chargeback activities on fraudulent transactions.  First Data also executes merchant re-presentments for charged back items, reviews re-presentment documentation, and helps determine if further chargeback rights exist. You’re kept up-to-date through our detailed account reporting on provisional credits and reversals, as well as fraud trend reporting.

Card Redelivery

We manage tracking, researching, re-mailing and secure destruction of cards and PIN mailers returned by the Postal Service.  Returned cards are stored in a facility that is compliant with card association rules.  To optimize the redelivery success rate to your cardholders, First Data performs routine checks for address or status changes.

Customer Communications

We can help facilitate your cardholder correspondence through our comprehensive communications services, including account research, statement requests and account maintenance.  First Data leverages our economies of scale to provide efficient and timely customer communications services — from labor intensive communication processes through printing and mailing.


We can manage your daily settlement activities, including management of suspense and exception items that require research or correction before they can be cleared. We also can include typical control and audit functions – such as general ledger, reconciliation, rejects and returns.