Professional Services Operations

Operational issues eating away at your profits?

Our customer support services help to streamline your in-house staffing needs, reduce costs, and improve your customer service delivery.

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Benefits for Financial Institutions

Ongoing card association rules and legislative changes make your customer support operations more complex. We provide partial or complete back office administrative, IVR and call center management — support that best integrates with your in-house operations.

Interactive Voice Response

First Data Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions let your customers chose the type of help they want. We provide a tailored, personalized experience based on your customer’s historical behavior. The caller easily can opt-out from our IVR automated system to a live operator — for support with more complex issues.

  • A highly scalable, stateof-the-art platform
  • Leading technologies — speech recognition, textto-speech
  • 79 languages available
  • Multichannel — Visual IVR, SMS text, mobile, email, outbound IVR
  • CRM integration
  • Improved authentication — voice biometrics, geolocation, ANI spoof detection

Customer Care Organization

First Data Customer Care Organization (CCO) efficiently provides 24X7 call coverage through 10 worldwide customer contact center locations. We support a large variety of common call types for your customers.


  • Basic account management — name / address / phone / email changes
  • Fraud verification return call
  • Lost / stolen card inquiries
  • Statement transaction inquiries


  • Authorization declined
  • Cardholder and Merchant verification
  • Mobile Wallet cardholder support

Back Office Operations

First Data provides back office administrative and business operations support to help meet your cardholder and loan customer service needs. Our standard services include:

  • Dispute review, decisioning, resolution and documentation management
  • Fraud research and investigations
  • Account reporting
  • Transaction and chargeback detail research
  • Customer notifications and communications support
  • Monitoring and reprocessing
  • Incoming chargeback representments
  • Card redelivery management
  • Daily settlement activities