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Debit and Credit Card Processing Solutions

Expand your credit portfolio with First Data Debit and Credit Card Processing Solutions.

Whether for a Bank, Credit Union, Retailer, or FinTech Provider, First Data offers comprehensive solutions covering the entire processing lifecycle.

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Benefits for Financial Institutions

From financial institution and retail credit card issuing to commercial credit card processing, management, payment electronification and cash management, First Data delivers the service and solutions that drive overall operational efficiency, improve risk management and help increase customer retention.

Credit Card Processing

Our leading position and extensive history in the payments industry affords us unique insights into credit card processing to deliver innovative solutions designed to help you drive more value from your credit portfolios. Historically, First Data has been first to market with leading-edge solutions that have changed the industry. We are investing to continue our leadership into the future, delivering highly parametrized solutions that offer high degrees of customer control. 

Debit Card Processing

Offer your cardholders more functionality while supporting revenue and transaction volume growth with First Data's comprehensive debit card processing, flexible ATM management, and a host of value-added options. Our STAR® Network offers deposit sharing and surcharge-free ATM access, as well as real-time network management. First Data also offers the advantage of a single card processing platform to meet more of your needs, with less complexity and cost. 

Loans Processing

First Data supports your consumer loans processing needs, all on a single platform.  Our holistic view of your loan customers provides one system of record to integrate process improvements, cross-sell opportunities, risk mitigation and real-time data management. With First Data you can leverage one platform to manage all of your credit and loan processing needs – from application approval, to processing, to customer service support.  

Loyalty & Rewards

First Data offers a portfolio of Loyalty & Rewards Solutions that includes a robust, feature-rich rewards platform that processes loyalty transactions for credit, debit, retail, private label, commercial card and other customer relationships. Our leading analysis, partner programs, real-time reporting, and next-generation fulfillment services enable First Data to deliver customized end-to-end customer loyalty programs.

Data Reporting & Analytics

First Data’s analytics and reporting solutions are designed to help improve your marketing effectiveness, mitigate risk, prevent and detect fraud, and improve collections efficiency. Evaluate data from multiple sources to drive decision-making across the customer lifecycle — from customer acquisition, to retention, to collections.

Data Access & Messaging

First Data provides tools to quickly and efficiently access relevant data to enhance your processes such as analytics, customer service, and collections — all inside of one platform. From simplifying data exchange with RESTful Web Services to enabling you to more quickly launch new customer service tools with the self-serve capabilities of our new interface, SolutionBuilderTM, we’ll help you deliver innovation and access data in a faster, more efficient way.

Credit Risk Management

First Data offers a one-to-one approach to credit and payment risk management that helps you to balance risk effectively while maximizing customer acquisition and retention. We offer highly customized, innovative solutions that help you to stay ahead of trends to effectively assess and manage risk.

Mobile Payments/Tokenization

First Data Integrated Token Services brings safety and security to mobile, online and point-of-sale transactions. Our token-processing services facilitate tokenized transactions that support your credit and debit token processing solutions.

Biller Payments

Keep pace with the consumer demand for more payment options.  First Data Biller Payments solutions utilize our payment gateway enabling you to optimize your payment system, improve customer handling and operational efficiency, while reducing costs and increasing funds availability.


First Data provides a configurable origination system, with underwriting, workflow, and decision making — all to help you grow your lending portfolio. Our solution allows users to complete the entire end-to-end origination process, from submitting the loan application using multiple channels, to seamlessly booking the new account to First Data in real time or using batch processing. Integral to the solution is the ability to integrate with client solutions, Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and/or data providers. The solution features flexible decisioning with the ability to easily incorporate traditional and nontraditional data sources.  


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