Loans Processing Solutions

First Data supports your consumer loans processing needs – all on a single platform.

Our holistic view of your loan customers provides you with one system of record to integrate process improvements, cross-sell opportunities, risk mitigation, and real-time data management.

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Benefits for Financial Institutions

First Data is core to your lending solution, helping you build your loan portfolio with services to help protect your business. One platform to effectively manage all of your credit and loans processing needs. We provide a fast, simple experience for you and your customers.

Support for Multiple Loan Types

First Data supports every stage of consumer loans processing – from application approval, to processing, to customer service support.  End-to-end processing capabilities for unsecured lending, lines of credit, HELOC’s to private student loans – we simplify the process to provide a fast loan experience for your customers.   

Seamless Integration

A single system of record provides you with integrated support across key account lifecycle functions – financial accounting services, customer marketing, risk management and back-office channels.  We help streamline your operations management.

Mitigate Your Risk

Our fraud and credit management tools operate real-time to help minimize your risk.  A consolidated view of your loan customers “credit health” enables you to better personalize marketing offers, messages, and overall servicing management.

Your Strategic Partner

We’ve invested over 40 years to build-out the essential “plumbing” of a real-time payments processing ecosystem that covers the entire value chain – including remittance, card production, account statement services, mobile alerts and controls.  Our processing platform is fully service-enabled to take your lending strategy into real-time.

PayPoint® Payment Gateway Solutions

Your customers expect choice and convenience – choosing how, when and where they want to pay their bills. PayPoint Payment Gateway is an enterprise-wide solution that manages your loans payment processing across multiple channels and customer payment types. Our single gateway solution consolidates and streamlines your loans payment processing. 


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