PayPoint® Payment Gateway

Process your customer payments through one single point of interaction.

Your customers expect choice and convenience – choosing how, when and where they want to pay their bills. Our single gateway solution consolidates and streamlines your customer bill payment processing.

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Benefits for Financial Institutions

PayPoint Payment Gateway is an enterprise-wide solution that manages your payment processing across multiple channels and customer payment types. It’s designed to consolidate and help simplify payment processing, transaction tracking, reporting and exception processing.

Web-Based Easy Access

The PayPoint Administration site enables you to centralize and simplify the tracking, reporting and exception management of your payments. Use the web-based PayPoint Administration site to:

  • Research payments using extensive search options
  • Access detailed payment history
  • Run payment tracking and performance reports
  • Report chargeback activity
  • Support full and partial refunds
  • Support payment voids
  • Add notes to payment history
  • Create account registrations and recurring schedules
  • Create realtime and post-dated eCheck and credit card payments

Readymade Customer Solution

The PayPoint Consumer Payments website provides a readymade bill payment solution that’s easily personalized for your business. Bill payers will be able to:

  • Make payments
  • Review payment history
  • Access a summary of bills
  • Save card and eCheck accounts for future use
  • Set-up and manage recurring payments
  • You choose from several interface options:
  • Stand-alone web
  • Biller website URL with static redirect
  • Integrated biller website with dynamic URL redirect

Integration Options

  • Integrate directly from your website, IVR or billing solution
  • Utilize the PayPoint Consumer Payments readymade bill payment website or IVR
  • Send in bill payments using a batch file
  • Enter payments directly into the PayPoint Administration website