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Benefits for Financial Institutions

First Data is an industry leader in risk management. Our tenured experience can help limit losses, despite increasing and emerging fraud threats. Stay ahead of trends and effectively manage your risk with First Data’s highly customized security and fraud solutions.

Credit and Payment Risk

Our one-to-one approach to credit and payment risk management is designed to help you effectively balance risk while maximizing customer acquisition and retention.  You’ll stay ahead of trends to effectively assess and manage your risk, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Fraud Management Solutions

Our Fraud Management solutions create customized strategies that help limit your losses.  Leverage our comprehensive suite of fraud management solutions to navigate the overall fraud lifecycle -- from prevention to detection to resolution.

Collections & Recovery

First Data helps you improve efficiency, minimize risk, and cut costs throughout the collections lifecycle. Our Collections and Recovery solutions leverage best-in-class data coupled with predictive analytics.  This allows you to efficiently redefine and restructure your collection recovery services.

SpendTrend InsightsSM
Fraud Analysis Solution

A robust reporting tool that captures and analyzes transaction data, SpendTrend Insights identifies and provides a deeper, real-time view of fraud trends and statistics within your portfolio – helping you build more efficient fraud detection strategies.  It also helps reduce your manual analysis efforts through standard generated reporting and ad hoc capabilities.  

Integrated Token Services

Be prepared to offer any type of contactless transaction with more convenience, security and payment options.  First Data Integrated Token Services brings safety and security to mobile, online and point-of-sale transactions.  As tokenization becomes increasingly common in payments, First Data provides the solutions you need to offer your customers the convenience and security they want.

Advanced Fraud Intelligence Solutions (AFIS)

To help protect your portfolio before fraud occurs, our AFIS web monitoring solution identifies marketplace trends and potential data security threats – including compromised accounts, breach detection, card testing operations, and overall fraud and cyber trends.  A dark web monitoring solution, AFIS helps you be more proactive with your data security.    

The Insider Story: Fraud from Within

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