Electronic Visit Verification

Configurable EVV solution that can ensure compliance and
improve in-home patient care
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Measurably Improve your Program

AuthentiCare prepares you to meet the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act with an easy to use platform enabling both your personal care workers and your business. It frees up home care providers from time-consuming, error prone paper processing with one automated solution. The trusted mobile app, responsive support team and visit maintenance help promote better outcomes.

Powering Global Brands

Deliver Efficiency
that Improves
Patient Care

With comprehensive reporting on services provided and patient conditions, AuthentiCare-enabled providers deliver better care
quality. The use of EVV data can help pinpoint issues. With
gained program efficiencies, more services can be offered to
members with chronic conditions.

Calendar View
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Time Clock
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Visit Information
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Leverage a Powerful Mobile App

Meet the needs of every payer, provider and agency with an app
that drives operational efficiencies and enhances program

Multi-Device EVV Solutions

laptop screen
Adapt to All Situations for Personal Care Workers
  • Smartphone application
  • Interactive voice response
  • Voice, facial and fingerprint biometrics
  • Alternative device option

Compliance & Technology

AuthentiCare’s fully compliant technology automates scheduling and claim submissions while tracking time and attendance with a paperless system for capturing arrival and departure times at each home visit.

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Administration & Fraud

Can reduce program costs by 3-10%2 with proactive prevention of improper payments, reduced medical assistance costs and minimal administrative burdens for care providers.

Regulatory Compliance

Retain federal funding and help ensure data security and privacy. AuthentiCare is fully compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act Section 12006, HIPAA, MITA Industry Standards, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Expertise & Technology

We deliver well-configured, timely implementations successfully for statewide EVV.

Government agencies depend on us for fee-for-service and MCO model integrations with state MMIS systems, data security, payment applications, advanced analytics and consulting.