Governments receive a lot of payments but have limited people to process them. First Data Remittance Processing can reduce your agency’s costs and improve funds availability by providing the people and technology required to automate remittance processing into a paperless, efficient system. First Data provides:

  • Expertise in government remittances
  • Proven technology systems
  • Highly-skilled remittance processing professionals


Key Components

  • First Data remittance solutions focus on maximizing conversion of paper to electronic processing via accounts receivable conversion (ARC) and image cash letter (ICL).
  • Accept payments through cash and check remittances, online, in-person, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone systems.
  • Scanning saves time, lowers labor costs and reduces rekeying errors.
  • An advanced online image archive with thin-client web interface reduces overall mail lag of exception items.
  • Gain visibility across payment channels with integrated reporting.