Alternative Credit Data

More accurately gauge customer cash availability and financial outlook to help approve more customers, manage and reduce risk.

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See the Credit Invisible

Assess, manage and help reduce risk impact while gaining the ability to authorize more credit-qualified consumers. Built on the TeleCheck database, alternative credit data creates a single customer view based on their identity and bank account information.

Real Time Validation Means Better Outcomes

Alternative Credit Data Impacts:

Credit Application Approvals

Establishing Loan Amount, Price and Terms

Managing Existing Accounts

Supplementing Existing Evaluation Processes

Supplementing Collection Activities

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Create a Near Term Data Single Customer View

Near term alternative credit data solutions are built on transactional data from the last 24 hours to 90 days. This single customer view is built by uniting approximately 350 million driver’s licenses, 192 million social security numbers and 450 million bank account numbers.

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Real-time cash

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Ability and
willingness to pay

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Risk and cash

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Real-time API
access to data

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Driving the Value of Alternative Credit Data


Number of Underbanked US Adults

Gain additional insights into the financial activities of consumers.2


Of Consumers are Credit Invisible

Identify those with active bank accounts and history of successful transactions.1


Of US Population Scorse Below 650

Find the best within the lower scoring segments. Effectively manage accounts.3


Points Millennials Score Below Average

Millennials use credit differently than older populations. Understand their activity.4

Comprehensive Solutions

Understanding and scoring the full scope of consumers’ behavior creates the clearest picture of early risk and opportunity indicators compared to traditional scoring. Use of micro indicators enhances and eases segmentation. Access account accuracy and status using bank information, allowing Nacha compliance.

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Confidence Score

Returns a score from 1 to 1000, indicating a measure of consumer payments behavior.

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Micro Indicators

Returns a customized set of attributes, include counts, amounts and dates of various information.

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Account Validation

Returns a score indicating any bank info presented such as “Account Closed” or “Administrative Returns.”

Select Up To 150
Valuable Data Points

The real-time component that captures consumer payment performance, TeleCheck Micro Indicators enable a deep-dive into a combination of elements that predict credit risk and consumer ability and willingness to pay. Gain insight that goes beyond typical data attributes with over 150 Micro Indicators available for custom analysis and modeling.

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Specific Micro Indicator Examples
  • Number of approved transactions: last 24 hours

  • Dollar value of approved transactions: last 90 days

  • Number of days since most recent unpaid transaction

  • Number of days since most recent transaction

  • Dollar value of internet transactions: last 24 hours


FCRA Compliance

TeleCheck is regulated as a consumer reporting agency under the FCRA. As such, TeleCheck maintains policies and procedures which are designed to, among other things, help provide consumers with files report disclosures, reinvestigate disputes and purge derogatory data more than 7 years old.


Comply with the Nacha Web Debit Rule

Assist in providing bank account authentication which is required under Nacha rules. We are recognized by Nacha as a preferred partner for payments and financial services.


TeleCheck Governance Process

TeleCheck Micro Indicators data attributes are subject to rigorous governance, focusing on data quality and relevance as well as appropriate documentation.

Scalable Solutions for Modern Commerce

Turn payments into a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive portfolio of global, end-to-end solutions are designed to help you grow revenue, increase efficiency, and build customer loyalty.

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