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Turn payments into a competitive advantage.

Our Authorization Optimization solution helps your online business maximize approval rates. By combining machine learning and leveraging partnerships with card brands and issuing banks, we drive the highest approval rates in the industry.

Client Case Study


Net new annual

Unlike other providers,
no impact to chargebacks


Increase in
approval rates

Proven Against the Competition

Chart showing First Data achieving a 67% subscription billing authorization rate over four months, versus 60% from a different provider.

We went head-to-head optimizing subscription billing authorization rates for a shared multinational digital-gaming merchant.

We outperformed the other provider with a 7% increase in approval rates.

While the competitor’s solution meets industry standards, we discovered major processing flaws in their solution which resulted in massive increases in chargebacks.

Source: Internal and client provided data

Better approval rates and
simplified payments

Intelligent transaction optimization for seamless customer experiences.

We work with you to better understand transaction trends and employ machine learning, ensuring your customers have the best experience while growing your bottom line.

  • Data Science: Identify trends and patterns in your transaction leading to better approval rates and enhanced payment strategies.
  • Rules Engine: Best-in-class machine learning and AI to recoup and prevent declines powered by transaction and network research and consumer behaviors, all while taking issuer-specific rules into account.
  • Card Account Updater: Securely update card-on-file and recurring payments with the most recent account information, in real-time.

Data-Driven Insights

Better data insights and real-time decisions

Enterprise Insights is a near-real-time, on demand data analytics platform that enables you to view and manage key aspects of your business operations. This platform gives you the flexibility to visually interpret and analyze your transactional data and gain detailed insights into your stores and customers.

Product screenshot of the authorization approval dashboard

Real-time authorization
approval dashboard

  1. Custom alerts set-up by clients
  2. Main dashboard information updated every five minutes
  3. Data drill-down into specific networks, issuers, payment methods, decline reasons, transaction type, recurring flag, and MCC
  4. Hover over statistics to dive into further detail
Product screenshot of the data analysis tool

Acquiring data analysis

  1. Custom data window
  2. Variable pivot attributes including: decline reason, authorization network, Issuer, site state, and more
  3. Hover over chart to dive into
    further details