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ACH made easy with

The best way to accept payments


  • Customers enroll anytime, anywhere
  • No routing or account numbers needed
  • Easy to set up recurring and bill payments


  • Pay enables loyalty programs
  • Provides incentive for repeat business
  • Drives additional sales with faster checkout


  • Lowers processing costs, avoids interchange
  • Eliminates chargebacks with guarantee+
  • Next day funding*


  • No handling sensitive customer data
  • Information stored and protected by First Data
  • Added security with PIN-enabled payments

ConnectPay is a Game-Changer

Universal ACH payment solution with easy to integrate APIs, SDKs, and more.

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ConnectPay is a Crowd-Pleaser

An instant enrollment experience designed to drive customers to a lower-cost, secure payment option.**

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Card on File ... Meet ACH on File

ConnectPay makes payments faster and easier, connecting merchants to their customers' bank accounts with ACH. Merchants benefit from lower processing costs and with these savings, can offer rewards to increase customer loyalty and sales.

How ConnectPay Works

Easy customer enrollment - just 5 simple steps.**

  • Mobile Phone showing Step 1 Step 1

    Customer selects their bank

  • Mobile Phone showing Step 2 Step 2

    Enters bank login

  • Mobile Phone showing Step 3 Step 3

    Selects the
    account to enroll

  • Mobile Phone showing Step 4 Step 4

    Reviews enrollment information

  • Mobile Phone showing Step 5 Step 5

    Enrollment complete

**Instant enrollment and validation is available to over 90% of bank accounts with online banking enabled.
Some consumers may have to manually enroll for ConnectPay. Manual enrollment and validation can take from 1 to 3 business days.

Where ConnectPay Works

At POS, online, via mobile app, or at the pump, ConnectPay accesses customer information through a loyalty card, fob, app, or phone number, and processes the payment.

  • Click Here to Read About POS


    Brick and mortar solution linking customer bank account information to a physical device (loyalty card, fob) to provide fast checkout and reward tracking

  • Click Here to Read About Online


    eCommerce solution allowing customers to save bank account information on websites, reducing shopping cart abandonment and Card-Not-Present fraud risk

  • Click Here to Read About Mobile


    In-app solution offering customers a variety of secure payment options from loading funds on a prepaid account to paying for a car service

  • Click Here to Read About At the Pump

    At the Pump

    Petro solution enabling customer payment via mobile app or physical device to avoid pre-authorization fund holds

  • Click Here to Read About Recurring


    Online and mobile solution allowing customers to manage recurring or bill payments, delivering a better, seamless payment experience

+Subject to meeting standard warranty requirements.

*Applies to transactions received before 4:00 p.m. CT.