Digital ACH Payments

Seamlessly and instantly connect consumers to bank account payments via apps and digital banking at a low cost.

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More Revenue,
Optimized Transactions

Anywhere your consumer uses a card, help them link to a bank account. With one provider for ACH enrollment, payments and settlement services, streamline across all channels. Optimize funding with a warranty of funds and next-day funding.

Powering Global Brands

Connect with
Customers and Save

It only takes a customer 60 seconds to enroll. Merchants realize increased savings, enhanced customer engagement and more opportunities to drive loyalty.

By the Numbers

A glance at the type of anticipated results from eACH backed by TeleCheck platform data1:

60 sec

Average consumer initial enrollment time


Approval rate on transaction counts


Average realized savings versus interchange


Coverage for US online banking population

1. Source: TeleCheck Platform Data

Digital ACH Payment

Design low cost payment channels to fit your business and customer needs under a warranty of funds, without chargebacks and next-day funding. Link customer bank account payments to everything from loyalty cards and payment fobs to a variety of IOT enabled devices. Also accept ACH on file for recurring payments.


Point of Sale




Mobile Apps


At the Pump



Easily Enroll Consumers

One time, low friction customer enrollment enables access for easier payments of all types. Allow your customer to use their banking login for app-based consumer facing forms for ACH on-file enrollment, validation and updates.

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Optimize Costs and Reward Consumers


Savings Re-invested in Customer Loyalty2

we partnered with a leading national grocery chain to provide an electronic ACH solution for consumers to pay in-story, at the pump and with the mobile app.

Program savings and our loyalty program integration resulted in a value-add for customers to decrease payment costs.

2. Source: TeleCheck platform, Fiserv, Internal reporting 2019


One Low Friction App Enrollment

Consumers enroll one time and can use loyalty ID or phone number to access their account each time they shop.

More loyalty points are earned by customers as they use the app for each transaction.


Virutally Every Consumer Payment Use Case is Supported

Electronic ACH enables low-cost, real-time authorized payments, no interchange, no chargeback liability.

Complement existing loyalty programs and generate savings to ease funding for loyalty benefits.

End to End in One Easy Integration

Developer-Friendly ACH On-File Solution

Customers use the ConnectPay Mobile ready SDK and are provided with an ACH Payment Token. Add-Mobile Integration Offerings: iOS, Android, Web

View the power of our SDKs in our Enterprise Merchant Guide.

Turn payments Into
a Competitive

Our dedicated solutions engineers work with you to understand your business needs and how to best leverage our intuitive, secure, and industry leading products to help you grow.

Large Business Solutions

1. Source: TeleCheck Platform Data