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Distribution Services

Services designed to drive sales and use of merchants’ gift cards while enabling the best end user experiences possible. The offering provides authorized bulk buyers with immediate access to purchase gift cards from a broad portfolio of the industry’s leading brands. Advanced data services give buyers the information needed to deliver compelling digital experiences to consumers.

Gyft Corporate

A website that provides an easy way for businesses to incent, reward and thank employees by allowing them to buy digital gift cards 24/7 in bulk from 100s of First Data merchant partners. As cards are delivered digitally, there are no card fees, maintenance fees or minimum order requirements, which saves businesses money.

Gyft SDK & API

Merchant support services that give merchants the technology to quickly set up storefronts for card distribution, purchase cards in real-time, securely query card information, and access customer data that can help them make decisions that ensure they can deliver their brand is delivering the best branded digital experience possible to consumers.

eCommerce Storefront & Mobile Provisioning

A plug and play solution that facilitates growth of merchant gift card programs by enabling them to easily create an online presence specifically to promote gift card sales. Designed to allow merchants to produce both digital and plastic cards and sell them in multiple ways – as multi-packs, combo packs and in bulk – to help drive the highest revenue possible.

Virtual Card Auto-Replenishment

A dashboard feature that enables merchants who offer digital cards to elect to automatically replenish card numbers to ensure they are never out of stock. Proactively monitors stock levels and generates new card numbers when the number of available cards runs low. Allows merchants to select which digital cards should be replenished automatically, and specify the amount of card numbers to be generated each time.