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Employee Discount

A program that enables merchants to provide employees with pre-loaded gift cards that are pre-programmed to automatically apply employee discounts on purchases. It simplifies the process for employees, especially those working for merchants with multiple outlets, while at the same time delivering more control and security to business owners.

Mobile Services

A tool that allows business owners to reward and incentivize employees quickly by facilitating the delivery of prepaid cards through any mobile device. By allowing merchants to customize their cards and messaging in order to personalize delivery to individual employees, it delivers high impact results.

Gyft Corporate

A website that provides an easy way for businesses to incent, reward and thank employees by allowing them to buy digital gift cards 24/7 in bulk from 100s of First Data merchant partners. As cards are delivered digitally, there are no card fees, maintenance fees or minimum order requirements, which saves businesses money.


An online tool that enables merchants to create employee promotions around specific SKUs and product codes. Provides unique purchasing opportunities for employees while at the same time giving businesses the flexibility and control to move inventory at their discretion.

Card Advisory & Production Services

Our full service gift card solution that provides the services merchants need to design, produce and distribute customized digital and/or plastic gift cards. We also provide the tools and support to deliver and manage a successful gift card program - enabling merchants to build customer and employee loyalty while generating profit for their business.