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Flash Store

A campaign-based mobile tool that enables merchants to create and deliver exciting, short-term, time-sensitive, sales incentives and special offers at any time to generate immediate sales. Merchants can customize to support their specific needs whether it be to help move overstock quickly or generate sales during off-peak hours.

Near Real Time Messaging

A mobile tool that recognizes individual customer activity at merchant locations and facilitates the delivery of a customized promotional offer within seconds. Not only can it help generate higher sales through spurring impulse purchases, merchants can also thank customers with a free offer.

Social Media Distribution

A tool that allows merchants to engage millennial customers anytime, anywhere by facilitating the ability to create marketing campaigns and deliver them across all channels quickly and easily. Ensures that regardless of the channel, the recipient receives the same messaging in order to generate the highest response rates.

ChoicePakTM Multipack + Bonus

A program that offers opportunities for merchants and our partners to create unique promotions by bundling gift cards from various merchants in one package. The “multipack + bonus” promotion provides an additional consumer incentive, by including an added value card for free. Promotions can be offered using plastic or digital cards.


A program designed to help businesses acquire, develop, convert and retain customers by allowing them to incorporate both digital and plastic gift cards into their branding and marketing campaigns. As gift card offers are proven to increase response rates up to 7x, the program provides merchants with customer data to track success and create a database for future campaigns.

Gift Cards to Go

A customer engagement program designed to generate additional gift card sales and help acquire new customers. Gives merchants the ability to include an un-activated branded gift card with any purchase or within any marketing campaign. The card is attached to a carrier which includes instructions on how to activate and add funds to the card. Customers can keep the card for themselves or give as a gift.