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Best-in-class fraud protection and data security tools built into the platform that ensure safer transactions for both merchants and consumers. Backed by First Data technology and monitored 24/7 to deliver 99% uptime, it allows merchants to run their businesses with more confidence and without interruption.

Virtual Card Auto-Replenishment

A platform feature that automatically replenishes a merchant's digital gift card inventory, ensuring they never "run out" of digital cards. This feature proactively monitors and generates new digital account numbers when the quantity available runs low. Merchants can select which digital account numbers should be replenished automatically, the replenishment thresholds, and the corresponding amount to generate.

Third Party Partnerships

This solution enables merchants to extend brand exposure, extend customer reach and increase sales by facilitating relationships with First Data’s business partnerships with gift card resellers, gift card malls and innovative online distributors.

Program Management Portal

Our end-to-end platform enables businesses to manage their entire gift card program online in real-time 24/7. It provides all the tools necessary for them to handle orders, inventory, sales and distribution as well as set up marketing campaigns and track program performance.

eCommerce Storefront & Mobile Provisioning

A plug and play solution that facilitates growth of merchant gift card programs by enabling them to easily create an online presence specifically to promote gift card sales. Designed to allow merchants to produce both digital and plastic cards and sell them in multiple ways – as multi-packs, combo packs and in bulk – to help drive the highest revenue possible.