Global Currency Solutions

Reach customers worldwide, accept omnichannel global payments, and realize revenue. Provide international customers with an in-country shopping experience.

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Acquire New Customers on a Global Scale

Empower customers around the world to shop and pay using their own currency – virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device. We provide secure, frictionless payment experiences in over 130 global currencies and more than 200 countries.

Expand Internationally and Optimize Revenue

Tap into the estimated $900 billion cross-border market.2 Enable your business to accept foreign currencies, receive funding in your base currency, and monetize transactions without exchange rate risk.

Consumer Behavior Drives Growth Opportunities


Increase sales up to 60% via global market expansion.1


Percentage of shoppers who prefer to pay in their local currency.3


Percentage of shoppers who abandon a purchase if pricing is in U.S. dollars only.3


Average basis point savings on cross- border fees for foreign-issued cards.1

Increase Conversions and Accelerate Sales

Currency is the language of commerce. You can improve sales conversions, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase stickiness by displaying and selling products in a familiar currency that speaks your customer’s language.

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Currency choice
at POS

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Shop and pay
in own currency

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Know exact
purchase price

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exchange rate

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Less confusion &
lower chargebacks

Revenue and Savings Results for Clients


Revenue Growth

A client needed the ability to set static pricing and process in multiple currencies to support global expansion.

They utilized Global ePricing, which enabled them to expand into 3 major international markets, increase cross-border sales by 60%+, and generate over $50 million in incremental top-line revenue.

Source: Fiserv data; individual results may vary.


Revenue and Cost Savings

A large brick-and-mortar client needed the ability to offer global customers the choice to pay in their own currency.

They utilized Currency Conversion, which enabled them to increase international sales by 90%+, and generate over $10 million in combined revenue and cost savings.

Source: Fiserv data; individual results may vary.


Lower Cost Transactions

An eCommerce client needed the ability to service global consumers while keeping costs low.

They utilized Dynamic Pricing, which enabled them to offer 70+ currency options, reduce cost on 75K+ transactions, and increase annual revenue by over $150,000.

Source: Fiserv data; individual results may vary.

Flexible Solutions,
Simple Integrations

We offer customizable solutions with a wide range of applications that can seamlessly integrate into your business model. Access our business intelligence tools with actionable data to analyze performance, simplify reconciliation, and maximize opportunities.

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Currency Conversion

Offer customers the choice to pay in their own currency at checkout.

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Dynamic Pricing

Dynamically converts pricing into multiple currencies without risk.

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Global ePricing

Select your currencies, set pricing and manage the customer experience.

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Realize Your Potential in Today’s Global Marketplace

Global Currency Solutions Let You:

Generate revenue streams

Increase sales conversion rates

Reduce customer friction

Lower cross-border fees

Eliminate foreign exchange risk

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Scalable Solutions for Modern Commerce

Turn payments into a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive portfolio of global, end-to-end solutions are designed to help you grow revenue, increase efficiency, and build customer loyalty.

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Sources: 1Fiserv data; individual results may vary, 2“A vision for the future of cross-border payments”, McKinsey & Company/SWIFT, 3“Achieving Success with Cross-Border Payments”, American Express