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Take control of your business by engaging fraud prevention tools that help to reduce fraud losses by accelerating revenue without compromising the consumer experience or compliance.

Ensure that you are Prepared

As the industry changes, so does the constant shift in fraud tactics. Thus, it is vitally important to ensure that you are steps ahead of fraudsters.


Increase in mobile attacks.

Businesses are unprepared to handle mobile attacks, which are increasing.1


Of the US will utilize biometrics.

Behavioral biometrics will restructure the authentication landscape in the next five years.2


Will be lost to fraud by 2021

Chargebacks are shredding margins in eCommerce reducing the savings of selling online.3


Will be spent on id verification.

Account takeover and Fake Account Creation is killing hard-won reputations putting businesses at risk overnight.4

Ingredients for a Successful Fraud Management Program

Built for your Unique Business

Provide global industry expertise and insight with account creation information, user profiling, behavioral analytics, device interrogation and fingerprinting, global location heat maps, and more.

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By using supervised machine learning as the core strategy. Fraud Detect® offers a unique combination of models and algorithms that help manage fraud and acceptance requirements.

Fraud Detect offers thousands of individual fraud prevention signals via API which build granular, nuanced fraud scores in real-time.

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Fraud Detect Case Study

Challenge: A large petro client was experiencing a significant amount of fraud, particularly with the Pay-at-the-Pump mobile application.

Solution: Once engaged with Fiserv, Fraud Detect was able to reduce its fraud by more than 80% and save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, which enabled further use of the mobile Pay-at-the-Pump application and increased revenue.

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Turn payments into a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive portfolio of global, end-to-end solutions are designed to help you grow revenue, increase efficiency and build customer loyalty.

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