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First Data Education is a leader in student loan technology solutions

Combining our extensive education experience with our innovations and investments, First Data continues to grow our technology support for a $370 billion student loan portfolio.



of all Private Credit US Student Loans


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of all Legacy FFELP Loans

Our team brings exceptional scale and innovation as a financial transactions industry leader with deep knowledge of student loan technology.
Our student loan technology solution will help to improve the customer experience for federal student loan borrowers, streamline the administration of the loan program, and enhance cybersecurity.

First Data provides high-volume processing

Unrivaled Capacity
Processing more transactions in a single day than any federal loan servicer does in a year.*

Unmatched Scale
Supporting over 1 billion accounts on our platform.

Unparalleled Processing
Processing over 93 billion financial transactions annually, around 3,000 per second.

Conversion Capabilities
Converting over 145 million accounts over the past 10 years.

Commitment to borrower satisfaction

First Data Education helps student loan servicers to provide student loan borrowers with a fast, efficient, secure and personalized solution to improve their overall borrower experience.

Student loan technology solutions include:

Full and Open API Access
Integrate supporting technologies with our core platform seamlessly using our comprehensive catalog of web services.

Retroactive Processing
Improve accuracy of loan records by processing forward any retroactive account changes.

Document Processing & Indexing
Capture all account-related correspondence and documentation and securely store alongside the customer account for easy access and reference.

Industry Leading Cybersecurity
Protect systems from attack and fraud within a FISMA high-processing environment, backed by over 300 highly-trained cybersecurity professionals.

About First Data Education

First Data Education delivers exceptional value as a leading, lender-neutral provider of student loan platform technology. With an industry commitment including both Private/Refi and Federal/FFELP servicing, First Data Education is positioned to help provide solutions for the nation’s $1.5 trillion in education loans.

*Financial data reports source: Annual Report