Main Street Insights

Based on actual credit card purchasing data that's tailored to your business, the Clover Insights Solution is a cloud-based, "instant on", 24/7 solution designed to help small businesses grow by providing unique, actionable insights about your customers, sales and competition so that you can make better decisions. There's absolutely nothing you need to do to begin using it - no setup needed, no data to inputm and it's accessible anytime, anywhere.

Width the Clover Insights Solution

  • Understand spending behavior of new and repeat customers
  • Discover key trends in your sales patterns
  • Compare how your business performs against peers
  • Identify and track events that impact your sales
  • Keep tabs on your business performance anytime, anywhere

Understand spending behavior

Find out how many new and repeat customers you have, how often they visit and areas of town where they're spending.

Uncover sales patterns

Instantly see your sales by peek hours and days and how your average sales are trending.

Compare your business

Based on our vast network of local spending data, compare your sales to local peer groups to see where you stand and whether sales patterns are shared.

See what impacts sales

Find out how events like marketing efforts, weather or holidays, have impacted your sales.

Grow your business

Get an instant, comprehensive snapshot of how your business is performing and what you can do to impact your sales.

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