At First Data, we know that diversity encompasses many characteristics including age, culture, education, personality, ethnicity and a multitude of other attributes. But building a diverse team only solves half the puzzle.

Creating a culture of openness and candor, in which we treat each other with the dignity we all deserve, solves the other half.

Every day at First Data, in our offices around the globe, we commit to treating each other with dignity and respect. We embrace our differences because diversity creates a rich company culture and provides us all with opportunities to learn. The value we place on diversity and ensuring a welcoming and inclusive work environment is on display across all levels of our company, and can be seen by the way we interact with our clients, each other and the communities in which we work. First Data’s core mission is to help our clients grow their businesses and we know that by employing a workforce as diverse as our client base we’ll be better positioned to develop innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

We take pride in all of our affinity groups. In honor of Pride Month, please watch the video below to meet the founding members of UNITY, First Data’s LGBT affinity group.



Creating Diverse Corporate Networks

First Data is an organization where our owner-associates are going to succeed because of their differences, not in spite of them. All First Data owner-associates receive fair opportunity and are judged only on their qualifications, talents and achievements. Together, we’ve created an environment that encourages the formation of employee affinity groups where colleagues can come together to discuss anything from common issues they face to new business strategies to help our clients grow their business. The affinity groups in place at First Data today include the following:

  • First Data’s Military Affinity Group
  • UNITY: First Data’s LGBT Affinity Group
  • First Data’s Women’s Leadership Council
  • First Data’s Black Leadership Council
  • First Data’s Young Professional Group
  • First Data’s Hispanic and Latino Leadership Council
  • First Data’s Asian American Leadership Council

Supplier Diversity Program

First Data’s culture of inclusion extends into our relationships with the suppliers that support our business. Just as we depend on diverse owner-associates to deliver superior technology solutions to our clients, we look to a diverse network of suppliers for our own goods and services. First Data is committed to partnering with certified high quality minority, veteran and service disabled veterans, LGBT, and women owned business enterprises. 

With a commitment to promote diversity and inclusion within our supply base, First Data’s Supplier Diversity Program is cultivating a base of qualified alternative sources of supply to help maximize operating efficiency while promoting the growth of businesses that will directly benefit the communities First Data and our clients function. 

For more information regarding the Supplier Diversity Program please contact the team at