Additional Resources

The Global Gateway API software modules build payment solutions that fit your unique needs. You can pick and choose the modules you need. After you have integrated the Global Gateway API payment module into your Web site, customers can purchase items on your Web site and all payment details are processed automatically. You can review transaction activity by visiting the Global Gateway Virtual Terminal. Here is an example of a simple transaction as it travels through from customer order to approval.

  1. A customer makes a purchase from a merchant's online store over the Internet.
  2. The ordering information is received by the merchant's CSP or by the merchant's own server (self-hosting). 
  3. The merchant's customized software receives the information, uses the tax and shipping calculators as needed, calculates the order total and passes relevant order and payment information to the Global Gateway API payment module. 
  4. The Global Gateway API payment module transports the order data through the secure sockets layer (SSL) pipeline to the Global Gateway API secure server. The Global Gateway API service contacts and transmits the data through a dedicated, secure frame relay system to the banking network.
  5. After the transaction is approved and settled, funds are withdrawn from the credit card-issuing bank and deposited into the merchant bank account. 
  6. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the merchant and the purchaser when the transaction is completed.

Integrating the Global Gateway Web Services API requires knowledge of Web Services, SOAP, XML and SSL. The Global Gateway API is also available in other programming languages such as: C/C++, ASP, Visual Basic (VBScript), PERL, PHP, MacromediaÆ ColdFusionÆ, XML and JavaTM. However, new feature and functionality will only be built into the Web Services API as this is the preferred and recommended API for the First Data Global Gateway.

The Global Gateway Connect service does not require a lot of programming expertise; however, at a minimum, you'll need a good working knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and HTML forms. Knowledge of CGI, Javascript and other Web technologies is helpful for implementing Web site features such as calculating order totals and collecting and storing order data.

The posting URL for the Global Gateway Connect solution is: All form tags on your order forms should specify this URL as the action to ensure you are using the latest version of Global Gateway Connect.

For store users:

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Manage Users
  3. Click on the associated Reset Password link for that user
  4. Enter a new password
  5. Click the Submit button. 

For multi-store administrators: 

  1. Log on as a multi-store administrator on the Administrator Login page
  2. Click on Administration in the main menu bar
  3. Click on View Hierarchy
  4. Navigate through the hierarchy to find the element (user) for whom you need to reset the password
  5. Click on the associated Reset Password link for that element
  6. Enter a new password
  7. Click the Submit button.