First Data realizes you may need our guidance and help to take full advantage of the First Data Global GatewaySM solutions in running your business as efficiently as possible. We offer you select product manuals and guides that detail the features and functionality of select First Data solutions for integration into your business or agency.

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Customer Questions & Answers

For store users, 1) click on Administration, 2) click on Manage Users, 3) click on the associated Reset Password link for that user, 4) enter a new password, and 5) click the Submit button. For multi-store administrators, 1) log on as a multi-store administrator on the Administrator Login page, 2) click on Administration in the main menu bar, 3) click on View Hierarchy, 4) navigate through the hierarchy to find the element (user) for whom you need to reset the password, 5) click on the associated Reset Password link for that element, 6) enter a new password, and 7) click the Submit button.

Add users in the Administration section of the Global Gateway Virtual Terminal by following these directions: " Click on Administration on the Main Navigation Menu " Click on Manage Users " Click on the Add button at the bottom of the page to add users " Enter a username and temporary password for each new user " Click on the Submit button (new users should change their password after they log in) The new user should appear on your list of users. To set permissions for your new user: " Click on the Permissions link in the table row next to the new user.