Download a free First Data® Payment Software for Windows® Standard Edition demo today!

In order to use the Payment Software for Windows® Standard Edition demonstration software, your computer must meet minimum systems requirements and have the Microsoft® .NET Framework Redistributable 1.1 Service Pack 1 installed.

If you already have the .NET Framework installed, select the "Demonstration Installation Only" link below. Otherwise, select the "Full Demonstration Package" link, or download and install the .NET Framework directly from Microsoft Corporation.

If you want to save the demo to your computer first, right-click the link above and select "Save Target As."

Using the Demo

The Payment Software for Windows® Standard Edition demonstration software allows you to enter simulated credit card information (bogus data) in order to step through each of the features of the software on your own, at your pace, in the order you prefer.

The demo also simulates the security features in the product. There are three built-in accounts you can use to get a feel for the various access levels to the product:

  • Clerk: Basic product access, suitable for typical retail employees.
  • Supervisor: Enhanced product access, suitable for shift managers.
  • Admin: Full product access for system administrators.

To log in using a certain account, type the user name "Clerk," "Supervisor" or "Admin" as shown above in the login dialog box. Enter any value you wish in the Password field. Note that in earlier versions of the 4.0 demo, the user names are case sensitive. If you are having trouble logging in, make sure you are entering a user name exactly as written above. You can find the demos in the 'Manuals/Guides' folder below.