Automated Authorizations: Using the TeleCheck® Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Check Authorizations

The preferred method for all check authorizations is through your Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. In the event this method becomes temporarily unavailable due to POS problems, power outages, or for any other reason, you may call the TeleCheck IVR system for automated authorizations. Be aware that calls made to this number may incur a Customer Requested Operator Call (CROC) fee per the terms and conditions of your Service Agreement.

The 24-hour number for automated authorizations is: 1-800-366-5010

The automated system is only available to merchants using a touch-tone telephone. Once connected, the system will prompt for the input of your 8-digit TeleCheck Merchant ID Number (MID) which is located on the inside front pocket of your welcome booklet.

After your MID has been confirmed, simply follow the voice prompts to input all other necessary information, including the State ID Code (Identification Code), ID number, check number and check amount. The system will process your request and issue an approval code in the same way your POS terminal does.

Again, please note that there will be a fee assessed for every operator-assisted authorization, per the terms and conditions of your Service Agreement.