TeleCheck strives to offer a level of service that you can't get anywhere else. We want to assist in your business' success by making checks easier and safer to accept.

As a TeleCheck® Merchant Subscriber, you can access TeleCheck® support resources online to obtain answers quickly, and get the continuous support you need. In the 'Manuals/Guides' tab below, you will find reference materials for:

  • General Merchant Information
  • How to Read Your Statement
  • ID Codes
  • Regulation E

You will also find Frequently Asked Questions for many of our key products and services.

Customer Questions & Answers

No. Traveler's checks, money orders or non-Demand Deposit Account checks cannot be processed by the TeleCheck ECA service. In addition, some business checks cannot be accepted.

Follow all regular TeleCheck warranty requirements and keep the check to deposit it into the bank.

The notice of non-compliance was sent to advise you that the check did not meet the specified warranty requirements. The check has been forwarded to TRS Recovery Services for collection.

Warranty checks are processed weekly or bi-weekly depending on the type of service agreement you signed with TeleCheck. Checks are processed in Aurora, Colorado and mail delivery times can vary.

Yes. TeleCheck provides training support and materials for your employees at no additional cost. You should have received the materials when you signed up for the service. To receive additional training materials call Merchant Services 800-366-1054.

This terminal message indicates that additional information is needed. Either there is difficulty entering the information or a non-approval is indicated. You need to call the TeleCheck Authorization Center.