With TeleCheck® Warranty Services, TeleCheck warrants the face amount of all authorized checks, provided all warranty requirements are met. We know you need quick answers to your questions about warranty, Non-Compliance Items (NCI), or reporting customer payments paid-at-store.

Warranty Submissions

With TeleCheck® Warranty services, all warranty requirements must be met for TeleCheck to reimburse your business for returned checks. If you are utilizing the paper check version of the service, and these requirements are properly followed and the bank returns a check approved by TeleCheck unpaid, follow these instructions to receive payment:

  • Examine the check carefully to make sure it complies with all the TeleCheck warranty requirements.
  • Complete a Warranty Request Form. (You should have received a Warranty Request booklet in your New Account Welcome Kit.) The Warranty Request form is divided into two parts. Please complete both parts.
  • Return the right side of the form and the original check or bank certified copy (IRD) to TeleCheck.
  • Keep the left side for your records.
  • You may also want to keep a copy of the front and back of each check.
  • The Warranty Request form can be used for multiple checks.

If you are using TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Warranty services, electronically accepted items are funded up front. In instances when warranty requirements have not been met, chargebacks will be issued.

Warranty Payment Schedule

Warranty reimbursement checks are printed every Monday and mailed every Tuesday for any warranties received and processed through Thursday of the previous week, if the current invoice has been paid.

Paid At Store

It is very important that you notify TeleCheck immediately if a consumer disputes the check or pays you for an outstanding check, so that we may remove his or her name from our check writer database. Failure to do so can result in legal action taken against you by your consumer. Do not accept partial payment before contacting TeleCheck because you may be voiding your warranty.

Returned Checks Not Authorized

As an added service, TeleCheck provides collections services and can collect any dishonored checks you may have received prior to becoming a TeleCheck Subscriber or collect on returned checks that were not eligible for warranty by TeleCheck.