Commerce in the Crosshairs

First Data Hosts Cyber Security Symposium

Recent large-scale payment card compromises provide strong evidence that threats to data security are rapidly multiplying and evolving, presenting new challenges at a frightening pace.

First Data assembled some of the brightest minds in security for a Cyber Security Symposium to investigate how businesses can defend themselves against cyberattack and shine light on how they can:

  • Dissect the anatomy of a cyber-attack and learn how to thwart them.
  • Arm themselves with cybercrime-fighting tools and tactics.
  • Defend themselves in the invisible cybercrime arena

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TransArmor® encryption and tokenization technology protects payment card data on the front end of the transaction and removes personally identifiable data from the merchant environment by returning a token to the merchant.

The solution has secured more than 2 billion transactions for over 590,000 merchants, providing them with peace of mind knowing that their customers and their business reputations are protected.

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