ICVERIFY® Software

ICVERIFY Software (also known as First Data Payment Software for Windows®) is a leading provider of payment software for all types of merchants.

Leading Payment Software Products
ICVERIFY Software is fully PA-DSS certified and listed on the PCI Security Standards Council website. Visit the PCI Security Standards Council website to see our listing. Click on “Validated Payment Applications” on the left-hand side. Once you read and agree to their disclaimer, you will be able to search by either Company name (First Data) or application name (ICVERIFY).

ICVERIFY Software is one of the most comprehensive payment processing products available for retail and mail/telephone order merchants. It processes all major credit cards, including Level II and III data for Visa® and MasterCard® corporate and purchasing cards. You can also use the solution to process debit/ATM cards, checks, stored value/gift cards, even private label cards and line-of-credit applications, while leveraging your existing investment in personal computer (PC) or electronic cash register (ECR) equipment.

ICVERIFY Software also includes a customer database for mail/telephone order merchants, recurring billing functions, the ability to process Internet and e-mail transactions, and the ability to support advanced configuration options including split-dial and Internet transaction processing.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Payment Software Solutions
Whether used as a stand-alone software solution or integrated with another application, ICVERIFY Software can help you handle your transactions quickly and efficiently, regardless of their origin. You can use existing phone lines, dedicated circuits or Internet connections to process your payment transactions, and multiple users and merchants can be configured in a single installation.

Download notes and guides for the latest Payment Software release.

If you have questions about how ICVERIFY Software helps you in securing your payment transactions, email us at paymentsoftware.support
For more information, call +1 800 538-0651 to speak to a representative.