Surprising insights made simple

What if you could discover an entirely new side of your business? The Clover Insights Solution is intuitive software that uses your own sales information to help you uncover exciting new opportunities and grow your business.

Do more with Clover

Get deeper insight into your business with the Clover Insights app for Clover, including cash transactions, product trends and the ability to link card numbers to specific customer profiles.


What is the Clover Insights Solution?

The Clover Insights Solution seamlessly translates transaction data into robust insights about your customers, your sales, and other businesses just like yours. Clover Insights unlocks the hidden stories behind your business, helping you seize new opportunities.

With Clover Insights business owners can:

  • Bring in new business through a better understanding of your customers’ spending patterns.
  • Target your marketing through customer segments such as new or local customers.
  • Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and receive insights to improve future efforts.
  • Compare sales and see how consumers are spending at businesses like yours.
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers through leveraging social media insights.
  • Access Clover Insights through iOS 9 or higher devices including the new iPhone.

What is the Clover Insights App for Clover?

With the Clover Insights app made just for Clover, you receive all the functionality of Clover Insights within your Clover Station POS System. Using the Clover Insights app for Clover will also offer you additional benefits including:

  • Ease of registration and access using only your Clover credentials.
  • Cash transaction data (in addition to card data) that provides an even more comprehensive view of your sales patterns and trends.
  • Product-level data analytics which help you easily identify top-selling items and item sales trends.
  • Surprising insights made simple using customized story cards based on your own product sales.
  • More in-depth knowledge of your customers’ purchasing behavior with transactions matched to customer profiles.

How can I get the Clover Insights app? I already have a Clover Station.

There are two ways for a business owner with the Clover Station to get the Clover Insights app.

  • Through the Clover App Market:
    The Clover Insights app is available in the Clover App Market on your Clover Station. Registration is simple with no data to input or complicated set-up procedures. Just log in to the Clover App Market, select and download the Clover Insights app. The Clover Station and Clover Insights app will automatically sync your transaction data. Within an hour, you will receive a Welcome email letting you know that you can use your Clover credentials to access Clover Insights on the Clover Station.
  • Through the Internet:
    Getting started with the Clover Insights Solution on the web is a cinch. Simply navigate to the Clover Insights Solution at Click on the green button (Connect with Clover). You will be directed to log in using your Clover Credential. Within an hour, you will receive a Welcome email letting you know that you can use your Clover credentials to access Clover Insights on the Clover Station.

How do I link my existing Clover Insights Solution to the Clover Insights app within the Clover Station?

The first step is to login to Clover Insights at using your existing Clover Insights username and password. Once logged in, navigate to the Settings option that is located in the drop-down under your username in the top right-hand corner of the page. By selecting Settings, you will be taken to the Settings page. In the table presented, there will be an option identified as “Clover,” click this once. You will be presented with your list of locations that can be linked to a Clover account through Clover Insights. After you click on the link and continue through the process to enter your Clover credentials, the Clover Insights Solutions will automatically sync with Clover POS data.

What’s different about the Clover Insights with Clover device versus non-Clover device?

The Clover Station captures more descriptive payment, product, and customer transaction data. The Clover Insights Clover app can use this data to drive more meaningful insights to help your business grow-fluid.

  • Identify product trends such as bestselling products by segment.
  • Gain a complete view of customer spending, including cash transactions, at your locations.
  • Get a deeper understanding of who your customers are and what they buy with permission-based customer information.

Do I need to install any new software to download the Clover Insights app?

No. Just download the Clover Insights app from the Clover App Marketplace to your Clover Station after accepting the fees and terms of use.

Who should I call if I need help?

Clover Insights Support Experts can be reached at (800) 352-3428, Monday – Sunday from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST.