When it Comes to Tax Refunds, SOONER IS BETTER.

Deposit your tax refund payout into your
Money Network® Account2

Provide your tax preparer with your Routing and Account numbers. Your Routing number is 084003997.

Enter the numbers under Direct Deposit in the Refund section of the tax form.

Choose the "Checking" account type.

Two easy ways to find your account & routing numbers

  • 1. Log in to your Money Network® Mobile App*
  • 2. Go to "My Settings"
  • 3. Click on "Account & Routing Number"
  • 4. Select "Show Full" to see the entire number


  • 1. Log in to your Account via web browser
  • 2. Click "Direct Deposit" on the dashboard

You will only have access to your Account number if
your Account permits you to load funds from sources in addition to your employer. If you
cannot access your Account number using the methods described above,
you may need to upgrade your Account.2

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